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Beth and I travel coast to coast repairing Linotypes, Intertypes, Ludlows and Vandercooks.

We also service the following equipment:  Kensol, Kwik-Print, Malahide, C&P, Kluge, Heidelberg Windmills, Oversewers, Prouty, Miehle Verticals, V-36, V-45, V-50 and V-50X, Bostitch, Hammond Saws, Parker Stitchers, Challenge and Asbern

We charge the first hour at a higher rate per day, to help cover lodging and food.  The balance of the time in your shop is charged at our regular hourly rate.  Please call or email for a rate quote.  We also try and walk you through repairing problems yourself.  We expect payment at the time our service is finished.




My name is David Seat and for the most part I do not just do repairs. Anytime that you need my immediate help, I am sure to be hundreds of miles away. You do not hire me just to change fuses or make minor adjustments. I expect the operator to know how to do most of the maintenance on his/her own machine. My talents can be better used by doing yearly preventative maintenance and teaching the operator how to do the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. I usually go completely through every Ludlow machine I work on, inspect each cam, roller and make adjustments to every component on the machine. When I am finished your machine will run as near factory fresh as possible and if you or someone you designate will work along side of me, you will be shown how to keep it that way. By doing this, you will be getting the most for your money from my services.  This service takes approx. 4-8 hours, depending on how dirty the machine is and what needs to be done to get it back up and running.  This is called PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE and is our normal way of servicing a machine.

Though the above IS our preference, in this day and time we will just make all of the safety adjustments and the lock-ups if this is the customers wish, but we will not guarantee the rest of the machine if this is all that is asked of us to do.  This will generally take approx. 2-4 hours.

We also rebuild Self Centering Sticks and clean out the water passages in molds so they will cool properly.  If you ship us your delivery slide we can also rebuild it in our shop and send it back to you.



For Linotypes and Intertypes we check the complete machine, rubber rollers, keyboard, cams, lubrication, adjustments and matrix transfers.  We also check temperatures of the type metal, mouth piece, metal levels.   Plus any other issues that the customer is having.



Servicing on the Vandercook includes but not limited to:

  • Cleaning the gears and rails (under and over).                              

  • Check the bearing adjustments.                                                    

  • Check for correct packing of the cylinder.                                    

  • Check the ink roller height and adjustments.                                

  • Clean the bed and bed plate, if so equipped.                                 

  • Check the ink roller diameters, nyliner wear and bearing wear.    

  • Check the level of the press and adjust as necessary.                    




Contact Info@HotMetalServices.com for any comments.